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14 November 2008. My mommy abandoned us to live with some jurk and wants to take me away, to her new strange house with other strange cats and will keep me locked up inside (like she used to here).


I will bite her legs if she tries to catch me.

Daddy lets me play outside, where I can chase grasshoppers and jump into the trees.

I know I have many knots in my fur but don't give a shit about that.

I always come home before dark so I am a good cat. I also have a friend here now, her name is Oscarina who visits me every day and helps herself to some kibbles, which I don't eat anyway. Occasionally I share some of my fishy food with her.

Sometimes I also have a ginger cat visiting us.


I heard that the jurk in that other house is a black american basketball player, according to a nice man who is now building us a nice new house in the forest. So my daily patrol will cover a much larger area where I can even chase rabbits, but I must be careful of foxes.


Sometimes daddy gives me the same food every day and I really get bored with it. So, I thought up a plan... during the night when daddy is asleep I invite my friends inside and they will eat all the boring food.

Then, when daddy wakes up he thinks I am still very hungry and gives me fresh new food...
11 February 2007. A year ago, I wandered away from my home looking for a girlfriend. That's when I got into trouble. I lost my way and someone put me in the pound. Luckily, a kind lady named Ingrid took me home to "Ingrid's Haven" where I stayed with many other cats waiting for our forever home. My photo was on her website and my name back then was Rudolph.

One day this couple came along. Ingrid picked me up and put me in the lady's arm (and she was hooked!). They took me home up in the mountains. It was a long trip, all the way from Wallan to Daylesford (about 100km) and I was glad when we arrived.

I did my initial check up of the house and everything seems to be in order. No pesky kids, no bothersome dogs, or any other territorial cat. It seems I'm the only pet! Hooray!!!! My new parents took me to the vet after a week or so to make sure I am in perfect health. I passed with flying colours! They have also given me a new name.... OSCAR. I like it, very dignified.

I have gained some weight with all the good food my mom has been feeding me. Mom said I have become quite a fussy cat.... they have been giving me raw chicken neck, liver, hearts, and cooked lamb and beef, a lot of times canned tuna, sardines and salmon. I also like the tinned meat, but I seem to drop a "stink bomb" everytime I eat that meal, so my mom has kept that to a minimum.

I have lots of toys to play with and my parents always finds the time to play mousey with me!
  • Piggy
  • String with bell and Homemade sock mousey
  • Soft blue ball
  • Ping Pong balls (Lots of them... My mom is a good table tennis player!)
  • Very long white rope
I especially like playing with the long white rope which spans right through the house. Daddy would be holding on to the other end, dragging it away from me and I would chase the end part of it.

Playing ball is quite a work out. Dad and Mom would throw it from one end of the hallway to the other end. I would then race after it like a mad cat. Sometimes I stay in the middle of the hallway and practise goalkeeping, which my mom says I am very good at!

I also love batting mom's ping pong balls around. They come in white and orange colours. She only lets me play with the 1-star balls. The 3-star balls she keeps to herself.

Most of the time I sleep. As you can see, my preferred position is upside down.

In the morning when my dad gets up, I get boring dry kibbles. Later, when mom gets up, I would follow her endlessly and 'meow' as pitiful as I can and she usually gives me yummier tinned food (slurp).

At night I get a good dinner of homecooked meat or tinned fish. Before I sleep, mom would set out a plate of milk. Which she says is good for my bones... so I drink it.
I have my own bed to sleep in. But when my mom and dad are asleep, I'm usually awake and I spend a lot of time listening to the night sounds.

Sometimes I would see another cat walking outside and I call out to him and we have a chat. Sometimes a moth comes into the house, and I spend some time trying to catch the little bugger!
Dad usually gets up early in the morning and I sit on his lap while he works at his computer.

If mom is still not awake by mid-morning, I usually walk on top of her and wake her up with a nudging nose or a loud meow.... which usually does the trick!
I get lots of cuddles from mom and dad, yummy food, lots of toys and exercise, a good bed and very immaculately cleaned toilet facility. What more can a cat want?

Emails would be good! As you can see, I even have my own email address. As I don't have any cat friends here yet, let me hear from you cats out there!


My date of birth: 6 May 2005
My sex: Male
My collar tag: 620993
My microchip No: 956000000668538


August 2014

Now it's five years with only me and daddy and I am still a very happy cat. I am already nine years old and getting a bit more fat... maybe because I am a little bit more lazy.

Every evening daddy gives me fresh fish .. yummm... and I can choose from Blue Grenadine, Smoked Cod or Tuna. Some other days daddy prepares fried chicken breast fillets.

When daddy serves Blue Grenadine, I like it garnished with some extra virgin olive oil mixed with light soy sauce.

Dinner time I am always allowed to join daddy at the table... meow...

You know, there is a black dog living across the road, and sometimes she visits us and wants a tummy rub from my daddy. But I am very scared of her because she barks at me and once I had to run up into a tall Poplar tree.

Once I pawed that dog...

It's good that daddy allows my nails to be sharp, so I can always quickly escape into a tree.


By: Oscar Verplak from Fat Cat University

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, where are you?
All day long, I've waited for you.
When you come home, I'll greet you with hug.
I hope it will make you smile especially when you're sad.

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, how's your day?
Have you seen the kangaroos hopping away?
Can I be with you in the farm one day?
To help you build our house in my own little way.

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, thanks for loving me.
Thank you for the fish and the home you have given me.
You are indeed my daddy that I love among the rest.
I wish you to be happy cause for me you are the best.

Daddy Toon, Daddy Toon, sleep well tonight
I'll be beside you, everything will be alright.
You are not alone, I am here to stay.
You and me, together come what may.

(Leah Mirafuente - August 2014)

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my name is oscar and I am the greatest cat