My friends

I have been making new friends here.

My best friend is Oscarina, she comes every day and eats some kibbles, then goes again. That is why I often get the shits with her, she only comes here for the food (not for me), so every time she leaves I try to paw her...

Actually, I'd rather have she left me alone because this is my house and I want to sleep in peace without being disturbed by cat visitors.

I don't think she has a home, as she has no collar or tag, and hisses at my daddy when he wants to come close.

I have another friend, I call her Ginger. That's because she is ginger in colour. Unlike Oscarina, she is very scared of my daddy, evenso he is nice to her.

She never stays long, just a quick bite from my food and she is away again. But she always makes a lot of noise using the cat door.